Who We Are



As the faith family known as Louisa Hilltop Methodist Church, we:



  • exist to be in a loving relationship with the living God through Jesus Christ and share the mission of God to restore the world for the better by connecting people with the God who loves them
  • believe that knowing God, loving God, and putting our faith in and love of God into practice in our daily lives is essential for Christians
  • accept everyone because God loves everyone
  • help people in the community who are hurting and in need
  • care deeply for and support folks in our faith community
  • strengthen families by serving children, teens, and parents

What We Do

We Serve Our Community and Beyond Through:

  • Food Pantry for the Hungry
  • Clothing/Goods Given to Needy
  • Utilities and Medical Needs Assistance
  • Elementary School Backpack Feeding Program
  • After School Tutoring
  • Addiction Recovery Program
  • Home Repair/Clean-up/Lawn Care for Elderly
  • Short-term Mission Trips